Hey Everyone! For those of you who don’t know me- I’m Taylor! But, you can call me Tay! I’ve recently taken a huge interest in health, wellness and nutrition and have made many major shifts in my life in order to get where I am today. I hope that I can share with women (and men) out there, the benefits to self care, and what investing (and believing) in yourself can do for your life both inside and out!

I plan to share stories that will help inspire others to make decisions that they’ve been sitting on the fence about, share what products are working for me and what i’m obsessing over, and what I’m up to in the midst of planning a wedding, starting a side hustle (or two,- you can never have enough), and working full time. Im by no means a guru in health, wellness and nutrition– but I have overcome a few tough obstacles in my life, and have spent the last few years researching different methods of self care and love– I am simply just sharing what works for me.

I can’t wait for you all to join me on this journey!

xox Tay

Girl… Wash Your Face!

Girl… Wash Your Face!

Have you ever read a book that just changed your life? Like actually changed your life? I recently picked up the book titled Girl, Wash Your Face! Written by the lovely Rachel Hollis. I had no idea who she was, what this book was, why it existed, but one of my friends had told our group about the book and what positive effects it had on her, so, I saw it at Chapters one day and picked it up without hesitation.

And man, am I so glad I did. So. Freaking. Glad.

This book spoke to me like no other, because Rachel is super genuine, and talks about the lies we as women tell ourselves on a day to day basis. It completely shifted my way of thinking, and gave me a mindset makeover. This book taught me, and reminded me that there is no way I am going to accomplish the things I want to accomplish just simply by dreaming about them– I can talk about them all I want, but until I put them into action, they mean nothing. It also reminded me that other peoples opinions of me aren’t my business, and I shouldn’t let what people think stop me from doing what makes me happy.

I recently joined a MLM team, which really has required me to step out of my comfort zone. I was so apprehensive at first because I had serious anxiety that people would judge me for posting about products that I use and genuinely love. I realized shortly into being a part of this community that its exactly where I need to be, and these ladies are helping me (and my business) grow– had I let my fears of “annoying instagram stories” hold me back, I’d be missing out on all of the amazing friendships I’ve made, all the new conversations I’ve had with people (which I would have never done before), I’d be 20 lbs heavier (because since using said products, I’ve broken a plateau that I was stuck in for 6 months, and I was depressed and unmotivated), the list goes on and on. Point is, Rachel is completely right– if we let what other people think of us hold us back from doing our thing, were never going to move forward, or enjoy a happy fulfilling life.

Ladies, I could go on for pages and pages ,hours and hours, about how life changing this book has been, and what kind of perspective shifts I’ve had since reading it– but, I STRONGLY suggest that you get your hands on this book somehow! There is a version on Audible narrated by the lovely author for those of you who aren’t paper book readers!

Balsamic Harvest Salad

Balsamic Harvest Salad

Ask and you shall receive! I made a pretty delightful salad earlier– that was inspired by a flatbread I’ve been addicted to from a local grocery store! Really simple to make, delicious, and easy to make in advance for people on the go!

Prep time: around 30 mins (keep in mind you can use the dressing and pecans in the future) — total salad prep time (under 10 mins)

Balsamic Salad dressing (more than single serving- store for future use):

1/2 cup balsamic vinegar (I used a fig balsamic)

1/4 cup avocado oil (you can use olive oil 1:1)

2 cloves garlic chopped

Sprinkle Himalayan pink salt (any other salt on hand is fine)

1 sprig rosemary finely chopped

1 teaspoon Dijon mustard

1/2 table spoon natural maple syrup

Add all ingredients to a mason jar and shake shake shake!

Candied pecans (more than single serving- store for future use):

1 1/2 cups Pecans

2 tbsp melted coconut oil

2 tbsp natural maple syrup

Sprinkle of Himalayan pink salt

1/2 tsp. of vanilla or almond extract

Bake at 425 for 12-15 minutes until toasted, remove from baking sheet and let cool for approx 20 minutes!

Salad (made for one person, you can add or subtract ingredients to suit more people!):

2 handfuls Arugula (you can use any green you’d like as a base)

Blue cheese (sprinkle on as little or as much as you’d like!)

1 cooked beet- chopped (I sometimes cheat and buy the pre-prepared beets in my local produce section!)

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

⁃ handful of sprouts chopped and drizzled in avocado oil with some salt

(you can throw these in the oven with the candied pecans- separate sheet)

Roasted pears

⁃ sliced pear drizzled in a little coconut oil (place on same sheet as Brussels)

Roast both the pears and sprouts @ 425 for about 15 mins- let cool for about 5! (I throw mine in freezer for a minute or so to cook it quickly)

Place arugula (or other greens) as your base

Add all ingredients to your bowl

Drizzle with dressing

+ enjoy!

The “Skinny” on my Keto Coffee

The “Skinny” on my Keto Coffee

Hey friends!

Its been almost a year since I tried this delicious cup of coffee! I seriously cannot believe it! Back in March, I had an amazing girl reach out to me through Instagram asking if I’d like to try some products that I’d seen her using on her own personal page—I am normally sooo skeptical about these types of things, and I’d brushed her original message off. I had noticed that she kept posting about this “skinny coffee” that burns fat and gives you boosts of energy, which intrigued me, as I love to try what’s trending, always. I reached out, got the scoop, and gave it a shot… and it changed my life– literally, to the point where I promote it by choice, every single day!

This coffee is just like bulletproof or “butter coffee” but in easy to mix packets, that leave no mess behind and give you SO. MUCH. ENERGY. I’ve tried making bulletproof coffee, but purchasing MCT oil, coffee, clarified butter, and collagen can get messy and expensive, this is literally all of that in one packet—easiest solution I’ve ever said yes to. The coffee itself has butter, collagen and MCT oil, which gives your body a boost of full, healthy fats first thing in the morning! It has a light, creamy coffee taste! I personally love the taste on its own, or with a dash of cinnamon. You can 100% add coffee to the powder and water if you want a stronger coffee taste! For those who follow a keto diet, you’ll burn fat and have feel full longer throughout the day! No low carb diets? Not a problem, because you will still feel all of the energy benefits!

If you want to get your hands on some of this liquid gold, please do not hesitate to reach out through my contact page, or if you found me through social media– send me a message! I’m always readily available, thanks to the energy this coffee gives me!


Pop the Champagne, I’m Changing My Last Name!

Pop the Champagne, I’m Changing My Last Name!

So, I haven’t been blogging in a while, or loading as many photos as I once intended to. I just recently started an online degree program, and a full-time job, which is taking away every little bit of “extra” energy I have lately. I also recently got engaged! That’s right, I get to marry my best friend and the man of my dreams, and I could not be more excited!

Josh and I have been together a little over four years now, he asked me to marry him just three days short of our four-year anniversary on November 1, 2017. When I asked Josh, what made him choose November 1 to ask me, he had let me know that it’s because November is “our month”—and now always will be one that we celebrate!

HOW DID HE DO IT? Joshua, the perfect human being that he is, planned every single detail tailoring the entire proposal around things that I love, including himself. I walked in the house after work, to see my future husband dressed in a suit and tie, candles lit, a bouquet of white roses, my best friend and now maid of honour with a camera (she was in on all of this and didn’t tell me anything, love you Jill), a bottle of premium champagne, The Weeknd on vinyl and the icing on the cake… Mexican for dinner. As soon as I walked in the door, I immediately knew what was going on and froze completely! Josh was expecting me to burst into tears, instead I was shocked, speechless, and had a smile from ear to ear. It was about ten minutes later that everything sunk in, and I started bawling ha-ha! Stay tuned and I will be posting engagement party, and wedding ideas throughout the next year and a half of our engagement journey! We’re planning on getting married in August of 2019, so lots to keep updated with!



Love always


Taylor xox

Forever lounging thanks to my Onesie

Forever lounging thanks to my Onesie

Being comfortable is NO joke to me. I come home from work, and within minutes have stripped off my pants, bra, dress shirt…. SEE YA, and helllllllo pjs, leggings, sweat pants, or anything else remotely comfortable. I normally settle for some sweat pants and a baggy t shirt—which I know is not a nice look, but when it comes to comfort I normally compromise looking nice.




That brings me to this post! I found the cutest onesie PJ/Loungewear set ever when I was shopping at Addition Elle the other day!

I wear a size 12/14 in pants and a L/XL in tops—which can be comparable X/1X at plus size retailers and have found that those sizes work best for me. But, I was instructed by the lovely lady working to go a size or two up for optimal comfort. I would live in this thing if I could.

I purchased the 2X because I love my PJs so loose that it hardly feels like I’m wearing them—but I do think a 1X would have been more than fine as it stretches out as you wear it.


The price of this onesie does run a little high as Addition Elle’s clothing is typically on the pricier side, however they have great quality clothing that lasts through multiple washes. It was $58, I had points though so I actually didn’t pay anything for it BUT now that I’ve lounged around in one I can totally justify spending the money.



FullSizeRender 37

You can get this super cute onesie here!

I was also able to find a pajama onesie that runs smaller and at a lower price point for those on the smaller side! From ASOS, one of my favourite online retailers! I don’t own this one personally, so cannot provide a review! But would like to show you some options in case the one shown above may be too large! http://us.asos.com/monki/monki-plain-cami-onesie/prd/7633523?setPrefSite=true&xAffId=2445&r=1&mk=na & ITS ON SALE!






Step out of your comfort zone!

Step out of your comfort zone!

I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a slump, but I have a time or two. And lately, it seems I’ve been in a slump for what feels like ever. Judging based off the fact that I posted to this blog weekly religiously for a little while, then I fell off the wagon for a month or so.

Every single day I would say to Josh, or Jill or anyone in my friend circle “oh yeah, I have to work on my blog for a bit today, it’s been awhile” but…. I didn’t. A week went by, then two weeks went by, then added stressors in my outside life just put me and my blogging at bay for a little while. How could something that makes me so happy bring me so much dread? Thinking of writing a post brought me so much stress, and for absolutely no reason. Or not really, it wasn’t “no reason”. I was just not happy and hadn’t taken any time to realize that or find out why. What have I been doing to get myself out of what feels like a forever slump?! Well, I’ve started making minor tweaks in my everyday life to get a little more organized. I’ve also had a few major changes and I’m now working on getting back into a routine… for now.

First off, I didn’t want to beat myself up for not working on my blog. I do this for fun right now, it isn’t a job for me. But, it definitely helps spark some creativity into my life, and assists me with getting away from Netflix every now and again. I get a lot of enjoyment out of being able to write and share my opinions with people, but this isn’t my full-time job- although one day that could be a possibility. I am still holding myself accountable without beating myself up. I took time to reflect as to why I couldn’t make time to work on it.

Speaking of this blog not being my full-time job…. Work was something that had been stressing me out for a long time. I’ve been in retail for over 5 years and as much as I love chatting with people and getting to know them, I like to do that from a more personal level rather than from behind a counter being yelled at—if you sense a little passive aggressive tone there you are probably right, ha-ha.  What seemed like the end of my world was when my store decided to sell to different owners and not keep all of the same staff—I would be jobless, or so I thought I cried. I hadn’t been unemployed since the day I started my first job. Having a job was something that I identified myself with. I sat around feeling sorry for myself for a day and then I realized that it wasn’t going to get me anywhere. So, I picked up my laptop and applied for jobs. I needed to remain positive. That positivity manifested itself into something because I am now working as a receptionist which is sooooo different from retail. Scary. Almost borderline uncomfortable because I have no experience with actual office work as I’ve only worked in store settings. But guess what, I’m loving it so far. Like I said, what felt like a crappy situation at the time, ended up to have a huge silver lining. My only regret, not doing this sooner. If I hadn’t been happy for so long, why did I stay at the same job? Simple… comfort. I was comfortable and I didn’t want to jump into something new. My point—STOP BEING SCARED! DO SOMETHING NEW.

I am now doing something completely new to me, which makes me completely happy. I feel stressed only from learning my new job, which is less actual stress and more anxiety of failing. But, I’ve been talking myself through that as well by creating lists, and scheduling out my weeks using a Bullet Journal—which I’ll be discussing in a new blog post within the next couple of weeks.

I think overall, getting out of a slump requires you to do some deep personal reflection and find out why you aren’t achieving what you want/need to be. If you aren’t happy, find out why & do what you can to change it—but do so within reason! “Life Is Short” is so cliché, but if you think about it has so much meaning. Stop spending your life unhappy and make changes that allow you to step out of your comfort zone.

Have you done anything completely out of your comfort zone? What was your experience like?