What book has sparked some inspo for me lately

What book has sparked some inspo for me lately

TGIT (Thank God its Thursday) nights are what I long for. Shonda Rhimes always has my attention on Thursday nights. Grey’s Anatomy. Scandal. Need I say more? Not only is this woman my favourite for what she brings to television, but after reading her book Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand in the Sun and be Your Own Person, she is now one of my favourite authors too.

This was a book that I simply could not put down. I ALWAYS say no to people, I’m not as motivated to do anything lately as I’d like to be, and it makes me feel sluggish. I get so comfortable in my routines that getting out of them is extremely hard. So, when someone asks me to do something spontaneous, the answer is always NO. It irritates me, just as much as it irritates all of the people I say no to, and its something I’m working on. Slowly but surely.

Thats where this book comes in to place. I’ve read many books in the self help section at Chapters over the last year. Books relating to mindfulness, caring too much, not caring at all, how to overcome anything, how to be happy, etc. I’ve enjoyed some of those books enough to read them again, but, Year of Yes, I would read 1000 times as it is extremely relatable, honest, and an easy read.

Before reading this book, I thought Shonda had it all together, all the time, I mean, she’s shooting out gold every week- so how could she not have the perfect life? It was really refreshing reading about someone and the struggles they encounter, and how they worked on overcoming those struggles. In a completely manageable, and doable way for ANYBODY. Shonda decided that for an entire year, she was going to start to say YES to everything. And the result? You’ll have to get the book for that! And believe me, this is a book you will not regret.

What did I like most about the book? I LOVED how relatable the book was. I could not put it down, seriously. The book was written so perfectly, I was never bored, never just skimming, or thinking about what to make for dinner, etc. I was invested. Now, I just need to put the book in place. I want to work on being more spontaneous in 2017. Say yes to more things, do more, be more. If you are looking for a book to sink into on this self care Sunday, I highly recommend Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes.


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