My Favourite Dry Shampoo: A Quick Review

My Favourite Dry Shampoo: A Quick Review

I’m sure that I’m not alone on this when I say that I absolutely hate washing my hair, simply because I hate having to restyle it afterwards. Sometimes, my hair curls so perfectly that I just cannot get the strength to wash it away. So, I turn to dry shampoo when I’m not quite ready to give it up.


I have tried all kinds of dry shampoos, and I find I’m always left with a gross feeling that impulses me want to wash my hair—and if I can’t wash it right away, I feel disgusting. Until recently, when I splurged and spent 30 somewhat dollars on Living Proof’s Perfect hair Day (PhD) dry shampoo.


This dry shampoo actually cleanses the hair when applied! The product absorbs sweat, oil and odours; leaving your hair feeling excellent! It makes my hair feel light, clean, and has a lovely light scent that I get bursts of throughout the day. It is safe to use on colour treated hair, which is a major bonus; and it also works on all hair colours because it doesn’t leave any gross residue behind! I have noticed that sometimes there is a little bit of white residue, however on Living Proof’s website, they state that it is the cleaning action of the dry shampoo and to brush it out after 30 seconds! Tried it, and the white went away!


Overall, excellent product! I use it sparingly due to the price point—however when I use it, I am completely satisfied!

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