My Latest New Gadget!

My Latest New Gadget!

Hey guys!

So the other day I headed over to Chapters, which is my absolute favourite thing to do when I have some time to kill. Grab a coffee, walk around and look at books, fun home decor… you get the deal. They had some marketing scheme going on that I totally fell for, and have absolutely no regrets whatsoever. Basically, if I bought a greeting card (for Mother’s Day), and presented this “secret pull card” I could end up winning between 5%-100% of my purchase. So, naturally the shopaholic in me needed to purchase anything she wanted to that would normally never discount. Why? Well, because of course there was that small chance I could win. $180 later, and 5% off. Haha, I’m a sucker for that stuff.

Anyways, side tracked a little, but now you have some background knowledge. Mother’s day was coming up, and I could have gone with my normal flowers, wine, a card and maybe some fashion accessory like a bag or sunglasses. But, this year, I decided to move to something a little more “techy”. My mom is notorious for not being able to find her phone or keys, or anything for that matter (I say that with lots of love if you are reading this). So I checked out this lovely little gadget online a few weeks back called TileMate. I thought it was cool, and also thought it was something you could only exclusively order online…so I did whatever the online version of window shopping is called, and forgot about it. THEN, I saw Chapter’s carried them. So, because of this marketing scheme at Chapter’s, I spent the $89.99 on a pack of 4, even though I wasn’t sure they would hold the value. But, like I said previously, no regrets.

I can assure you, TileMate is 110% worth the value if you can never find your phone or keys in the house. So, heres how it works. You open the cute little box that it comes in. You turn your bluetooth on, on your phone. Download the Tile App in your app store. Make an account. Follow the instructions to pair. Put your tiles on anything you want! *** If you want to attach a tile to a computer/tv remote or something, purchase the adhesive strips on the website *** I put mine on my keys. So, when I cant find my keys, I open the app, press a button, and they ring! Easy peasy, and I’m not stressed, swearing and blaming everybody in the house. Same thing goes for my phone. If I cant find my phone, I press on the Tile attached to my keys, and my phone rings– even if its on silent! Loud enough that I can hear it in another room.

This thing seriously sells itself. I did not know about them for the longest time or else I would have purchased one sooner. My mom is OBSESSED with hers, she shows everybody, and so do I. At work, I demonstrate it to customers all the time! (I work in the telecommunications industry, so I’ll bring up cool apps that I use with customers). I am not being paid to tell people about this awesome product, but its something I truly think is cool!

Online, you can purchase single tiles if you dont feel like you need 4. I admit, for my mom 4 was a lot, so luckily I scored one– thanks mom!

These seriously make great gifts for people, and are a great little gadget for yourself!

Check out their website below:


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