So…We Adopted a Dog

So…We Adopted a Dog

About a year ago, my mom and I went on a vacation to California with my boyfriend Josh to visit his family. We had to put our dog in a place that does overnight boarding. But, we seriously treat our dog better than we treat most people, so before we just placed him anywhere, we searched around for somewhere we felt would be safe and fun for our dog Dallas to play for a week. Yes, we’d never left him before and we decided to put him in camp for a week– I felt terrible. I actually cried, real tears (which the staff of the wonderful Camp Cookstown assured me is very common).

SO ANYWAYS, Dallas went to camp. He played with an upwards of 30 or 40 dogs, every single day for a week. He loved it. He came back, had whats called a “camp hangover” — which consisted of a lot of sleep and very little movement. We noticed that he seemed a little different after camp, almost like he craved and missed all of the socialization. So, we pondered the idea of adopting a dog afterwards.

The idea of adopting a dog was overwhelming at first. I hated it. We had got Dallas from a breeder, and I love him to pieces so I do not regret it. However, the second time around I thought it would be nice to adopt a dog who needs a home, and who is a little bit older (like 2 years), so we didn’t have to go through all of the initial puppy training. I thought adopting would be easy. It was the farthest thing from it. I was having a hard time finding a dog that would suit our family, and when I would think we would suit a certain dog, adoption agencies would tell us otherwise. It was very discouraging, and we left it.

Then one Monday morning, I was sipping my coffee, scrolling through Facebook, and saw a picture of this sweet little Chihuahua-mix who was 2.5 years old and looking for a home. My dog Dallas is 5 years old and 95 lbs. Otter (now Rico), is 7.5 lbs., the size difference is hysterical. I tagged my mom in the Facebook post of Adoptable Dogs/Pups Finding Them Homes-  James Bay Pawsitive Rescue, she commented “go for it”, I filled out the application form, and same day we had a in home inspection. I was terrified for an in-home inspection, because even though we are very clean people– we didn’t know what to expect. But, it went very well. After the in home visit, we scheduled a “meet and greet” for Dallas to meet Rico, and it went well. We went forward in going through with the adoption.

I filled out the adoption form on Monday, we had Rico sleeping peacefully in his crate by Friday. I know this doesn’t always happen for people, and that we were lucky. However, I am so grateful for this dog. He is sweet, and he has been fun to train. It is so interesting seeing him and Dallas run around the house. I was apprehensive and sad at first because they didn’t get along right away– I felt like we had just ruined Dallas’s life (I often tend to over exaggerate things). But, a few days later and they were both initiating play with one another, it made my heart full.

Now, we just have to work on how he barks at every single dog that passes by– he thinks he’s a lot bigger than he is. As for Dallas, he’s adjusting very well to having a new addition in the house, even if they are no where near close in size. It is so amazing to me to see how gentle Dallas is around Rico when they play.

This was probably one of the best spontaneous decisions our family has made.

I have an Instagram created for Dallas and Rico- @dallasandrico if you want to check out some of their adventures! I will try and keep up to date with how Rico adjusts to the house! It is quite an adventure.

One thought on “So…We Adopted a Dog

  1. It was a little bit of a relief that you cried and got overwhelmed at first like I did. I just adopted a dog and thought I had ruined our current dogs’ life’s by adding the new dog to the home. Thank you for sharing this.


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