The “Skinny” on my Keto Coffee

The “Skinny” on my Keto Coffee

Hey friends!

Its been almost a year since I tried this delicious cup of coffee! I seriously cannot believe it! Back in March, I had an amazing girl reach out to me through Instagram asking if I’d like to try some products that I’d seen her using on her own personal page—I am normally sooo skeptical about these types of things, and I’d brushed her original message off. I had noticed that she kept posting about this “skinny coffee” that burns fat and gives you boosts of energy, which intrigued me, as I love to try what’s trending, always. I reached out, got the scoop, and gave it a shot… and it changed my life– literally, to the point where I promote it by choice, every single day!

This coffee is just like bulletproof or “butter coffee” but in easy to mix packets, that leave no mess behind and give you SO. MUCH. ENERGY. I’ve tried making bulletproof coffee, but purchasing MCT oil, coffee, clarified butter, and collagen can get messy and expensive, this is literally all of that in one packet—easiest solution I’ve ever said yes to. The coffee itself has butter, collagen and MCT oil, which gives your body a boost of full, healthy fats first thing in the morning! It has a light, creamy coffee taste! I personally love the taste on its own, or with a dash of cinnamon. You can 100% add coffee to the powder and water if you want a stronger coffee taste! For those who follow a keto diet, you’ll burn fat and have feel full longer throughout the day! No low carb diets? Not a problem, because you will still feel all of the energy benefits!

If you want to get your hands on some of this liquid gold, please do not hesitate to reach out through my contact page, or if you found me through social media– send me a message! I’m always readily available, thanks to the energy this coffee gives me!



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