Girl… Wash Your Face!

Have you ever read a book that just changed your life? Like actually changed your life? I recently picked up the book titled Girl, Wash Your Face! Written by the lovely Rachel Hollis. I had no idea who she was, what this book was, why it existed, but one of my friends had told our group about the book and what positive effects it had on her, so, I saw it at Chapters one day and picked it up without hesitation.

And man, am I so glad I did. So. Freaking. Glad.

This book spoke to me like no other, because Rachel is super genuine, and talks about the lies we as women tell ourselves on a day to day basis. It completely shifted my way of thinking, and gave me a mindset makeover. This book taught me, and reminded me that there is no way I am going to accomplish the things I want to accomplish just simply by dreaming about them– I can talk about them all I want, but until I put them into action, they mean nothing. It also reminded me that other peoples opinions of me aren’t my business, and I shouldn’t let what people think stop me from doing what makes me happy.

I recently joined a MLM team, which really has required me to step out of my comfort zone. I was so apprehensive at first because I had serious anxiety that people would judge me for posting about products that I use and genuinely love. I realized shortly into being a part of this community that its exactly where I need to be, and these ladies are helping me (and my business) grow– had I let my fears of “annoying instagram stories” hold me back, I’d be missing out on all of the amazing friendships I’ve made, all the new conversations I’ve had with people (which I would have never done before), I’d be 20 lbs heavier (because since using said products, I’ve broken a plateau that I was stuck in for 6 months, and I was depressed and unmotivated), the list goes on and on. Point is, Rachel is completely right– if we let what other people think of us hold us back from doing our thing, were never going to move forward, or enjoy a happy fulfilling life.

Ladies, I could go on for pages and pages ,hours and hours, about how life changing this book has been, and what kind of perspective shifts I’ve had since reading it– but, I STRONGLY suggest that you get your hands on this book somehow! There is a version on Audible narrated by the lovely author for those of you who aren’t paper book readers!


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