The Lipstick I Recommend to Everybody

The Lipstick I Recommend to Everybody

Love lipstick but hate needing to reapply throughout the day? Bold colours that bleed and fade? I’ve experienced all of that, and it turned me away from lipstick. I would do a full face of makeup, and leave my lip natural, all the time. Now, when I put on makeup, I feel naked without a lipstick. That is all thanks to Stila and their Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick.

Did I mention they come in creamy matte colours? They give full coverage and stay in place forever! Stila claims the product stays in place for 6 hours without bleeding or transferring. I notice a slight transfer when I wear it, but not enough to be disappointed. I do notice that it lasts for 6 hours, if I eat and drink however, I need to reapply a slight amount– but that is more so to refresh my look.


I have tried the following colours:




Caramellomy FAVOURITE nude colour!



So far, I have not ever been disappointed with this lipstick! I do recommend however before using it, use a sugar scrub on your lips to exfoliate so the lipstick goes on nice and smoothly! I use LUSH BUBBLEGUM lip scrub, leaves my lips feeling soft and smooth every single time—and it tastes really good which is a nice bonus.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced lipstick that lasts all day, try out the Stay All Day Lipstick! Did I mention they are cruelty-free?!! I tell everybody to try it out, such a great product!