Some of My Fave Skin Care Products Right Now

feeling refreshed is something i live for

I’ve been lucky enough to have a mom who works in the skincare/makeup industry. From an early age, I have been constantly experimenting with all types of makeup, face cleansers, lotions, etc. Currently, my absolute favourite skin care products are all mainly from a Canadian based company called Jouviance. I love that their products do not contain any sulphates, parabens, phthalates and they do not test on animals. I feel like the products they are selling do what they are supposed to do, and they don’t harm your skin- or animals. I am in NO way affiliated with Jouviance, and these reviews are solely based on my personal thoughts.


Jouviance Detox Mask -$24

NO WORDS can describe how much I love the way this mask makes my skin feel. This mask is supposed to plump and purify your skin, and it does just that.  I use this mask about once a week, sometimes twice a week if my skin looks dull and tired.


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There is no discomfort while waiting for the mask to do its thing

It doesn’t dry- so your face isn’t stuck

There is no redness

My skin feels SO smooth.


Jouviance 4-in-1 Cleansing Gel -$24

 A cleanser that you can use morning and night, that does everything in one go. HYDRATES. CLEANSES. REMOVES MAKEUP. TONES. I use this cleanser every day. It takes off all of my makeup with one try, and it smells SO good- a very light floral scent that is not overwhelming by any means.


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Jouviance Exfoliant -$24

 After a long week, my skin looks so dull, I look tired, I am tired. Sometimes even mid-week I experience dull, tired skin. One of my favourite skin care pick me ups, is to apply the Jouviance Exfoliant (there’s a bit of a pattern here- but such an AMAZING brand).


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Gentle on skin AND the environment

Microbeads are made of bamboo and olive seeds

Leaves no discomfort

Unclogs pores- leaving skin feeling soft and refreshed


I find it very hard to stick to a skin care routine, but ever since these products have been introduced to me, I enjoy taking care of my skin! What are some of your favourite skin care products?