Fitness Inspo: What Keeps Me Motivated

I have a love/hate relationship with the gym. I love it once I’m there, but ask me to go and I’ll find every single reason not to. I just have zero motivation, but once I finally step foot in there, I always make sure to do what I intended to do, without leaving early. It is so hard to stay motivated to work out, but I’ve implemented a few things into my life that help me stay motivated and inspire me to reach my goals.


  1. Fitness Gadget/Tracker.
    I use the Fitbit Alta, a cute little bracelet that has interchangeable bands and hooks up to my smart phone. This allows me to track my steps each day. Before I got my Fitbit Alta, I don’t even want to know how many steps I walked. I would be embarrassed. I did not realize you need to be moving 10,000 steps a day…. And I didn’t realize how many steps 10,000 were. I’m guilty for taking my Fitbit off and not charging it for long periods of time. When I don’t wear it, I know I am less active and lazier than usual; but, when I have it on I am definitely more motivated to get up and get moving.
  2.  Friends.
    Seriously, I would never go if it weren’t for my friends. Okay, I might go once a week or once every two weeks alone for the first couple of months. I need to get into a routine before I can go by myself. If I make plans to go with a friend, I feel more accountable for going. It kills me, because nine times out of ten I don’t want to go, but I appreciate having friends that encourage health and wellness; and try to keep me motivated!
  3. Make It a Goal.
    Write it down, post it to social media, tell a friend, say it out loud. I don’t care how you get it out, but once you make it a goal, you feel so much better about going. If I commit to go 3x during the week on a Monday, I will try my hardest to get out and exercise 3x that week, whereas, if I don’t set a goal for the week, I probably won’t work out at all. If you are saying out loud that you are going to do something, you are much more likely to commit to it than not.


Now that I’ve done this, I’m going to have to commit to getting back into the swing of things! I used to spend lots of time at the gym, but like everybody, I’ve fallen off the wagon for a bit! Keeping motivated can be hard, but implementing little changes can make a big difference in the long run!