5 Things I’m Grateful for

5 Things I’m Grateful for

Gratitude- meaning to be thankful, show appreciation and reciprocate kindness to one another… I’ve always been thankful for things, but I have never been truly thankful for things until recently. I started putting some deep thought into things that I am thankful for in order to live a happier, more fulfilling life. Previously, all I would ever have in regards to any situation– was negative thoughts. You could tell me I won a million dollars, and I’d probably find something to bitch about, I’m not even kidding, it was insane. But, then I decided for the sake of myself and everyone else around me, I needed to change that.

Thats when I started to think differently. I would turn whatever negative thought I was having into a positive one. Here are five things I’ve been taking for granted, but seriously could not be more thankful for.

  1. My Job — I honestly do not like working, but instead of thinking about how much going to work sucks, and how much I’d rather be doing other things… I’ve now chosen to be grateful that I have the job that I do. There are so many people who struggle to have a job, I am lucky enough to have one that treats me well. Ever since I’ve started thinking this way, work has been much more enjoyable.
  2. My Friends — Cheesy, I know. But seriously, I used to get so frustrated listening to my friends problems. It would make my blood boil, but now, instead of getting annoyed when my friend is upset about a boy, or a stupid situation, I appreciate that they feel like they can confide in me, and I listen 100% (most of the time), and I’m not afraid to give my advice, wether its nice or not. I’ve noticed since I’ve given more attention to my friends instead of giving the same generic advice, that my relationships with friends have become much stronger.
  3. My Relationship — I’ve been with Josh for almost four years now, and we’ve lived together for pretty much four years. In that amount of time, we start to lean on each other to do things. A few weeks ago he left for a week and I realized how much stuff he does. Since then, I’ve eased up a little bit on asking for help– and I also appreciate everything he does for me that much more. I’ve always appreciated him, but that was just a little reminder that he does a ton for me, and is my biggest support, so for that I am grateful xox.
  4. Family — this is obvious. I am a very family oriented person, more so than anybody else in my family really… but I dont mind that. NEVER TAKE YOUR FAMILY FOR GRANTED. Please show your parents love every single day, you never know when you will lose them– SHOW. THEM. LOVE.
  5. My blog — This is a new outlet for me to share my ideas. I was so nervous to do this at first, and for the first few months I kept it a secret and had posts sitting there, never being read. Now– I’ve become so thankful for it. Writing this blog gives me something to do when I’m not working, it allows me to constantly educate myself, connect with people, and its a bonus that I love to write + share my experiences/reviews. Either way, I’m thankful for the blog, even though its small right now!

This is just a reminder to everybody, that even though life sucks sometimes– that if you manifest your negative thoughts into something more positive you will start to notice small improvements in your life– which can relive tons of stress in the long run! Whats the worst that could happen? You become a little more thankful for those around you?!


Clothing with a Purpose!

Clothing with a Purpose!

Hey guys!

I’ve recently partnered with a Toronto based clothing company called Marquee Noir! I received my YYZ Hoodie earlier this week and I’ve been living in it. For anyone who loves staying comfortable in nice big crew neck- this sweater is for you! Not only comfortable, BUT– with every purchase ONE gets planted! They’ve got more than just sweaters too! Check them out at www.marqueenoir.com or on Instagram @MarqueeNoir!

I love how easily this sweater can be dressed up or worn casually! You could totally pair it with a collared shirt underneath with jeans and little accessories!

I ordered mine in an XL, which ended up being far too big, however I have no problems with that– but I would say order a size smaller as they are a unisex fit!

Stay comfy!

You can use my code TAY10 for 10% off your first order!


Lets Wine About It…

Lets Wine About It…

I have five or six girls that I spend pretty much every day with. Its great, I have Josh who I live with, and then I’m accompanied by my friends all the time. When everybody is away at school, I seriously lose my mind!

But, for my friends birthday– Jillchella (yes, she coined that term for her birthday, and I love it) which happened about two weeks ago, we got to spend the entire weekend together. It was one of the nicest weekends I’ve had in a long time!

We spent the first two days of the weekend hanging out and relaxing with some celebratory drinks! Then, on the Sunday we took a trip over to Holland Marsh Wineries in Newmarket, Ontario for a wine tour and tasting! It was supposed to be crappy weather, but it ended up holding out for us and being nice!

The tour started off in the wine store that they have at the winery, it featured their bottles of wine, glasses, charcuterie boards, truffles, jams, etc. they have the cutest things in this store, every time I go there I buy things!

Then we went in to their production facility– where we were educated that because they are such a small winery, you can only get their wines in house, as they do not produce enough to distribute! There was a wedding going on that day…and it looked stunning! So, we didn’t get to tour the outside grounds but we could walk around the front which was very nice! Naturally, we ended up getting a ton of pictures!

The tour ended with a tasting of six wines, three red and three white. I enjoyed all of the wines! The semi-sweet white was a fave of mine! As well as the Gamay Noir. The Gamay Noir is so lovely because its “the wine wine drinkers” red. Its very light and sweet, which is very different than any other red I have tried.

All in all, it was such a fun weekend! If you are looking for something fun and inexpensive to do with your friends, look into a wine tour and tasting near you! This one was about $15 per person! You can also get awesome deals on apps like Groupon!



My Summer To-Do List!

My Summer To-Do List!

Most summers I spend the majority of my time indoors because I work retail. I noticed that a lot of my free time is actually spent indoors as well, and usually in front of a screen. So, I’ve been trying to get outside more and do things that I normally wouldn’t think of doing.

From wineries, to cottage country, and touristy attractions around Ontario– I’m looking to see more this summer! I recently purchased a new Canon DSLR so I’m super excited to take some nice shots along the way!

I’ve got a mini bucket list written up and I hope to get some of them accomplished! I’ll follow up with whatever I accomplish and let you know how it went! Most of these places are going to be based in Toronto, even though I live very close, I seldom go to the city.

  1. High Park I love going for walks and seeing nature. I also love taking photographs of flowers, and anything with a green background makes me super happy. I’ve been planning to take a trip there very soon however all of my days off consist of terrible rain… bummer.
  2. Ripley’s Aquarium  I’ve already been here once before, however I love going to aquariums! Theres something about life underwater that is so interesting to me.
  3. Breweries I dont really drink beer, but I love a good charcuterie board and good times with friends, preferably on a patio! If you know any good breweries comment below!
  4. Wine Tours This should probably be #1 because I absolutely love going wine touring and tasting. I’ve also never been in Niagara Falls, and thats one of my favourite places to go! So, I’m hoping to book some tours this summer!
  5. Floating Therapy/Drifting Meditation you lay in a pod full of salt water and float for an hour! This sounds so relaxing, I want to give it a try!
  6. Scandanive Spa in Collingwood, Ontario. First of all, Collingwood is beautiful as it as, then add nice hot springs to soak in, and a massage. I probably won’t want to leave.
  7. Indoor Trampoline Park I’ve wanted to go to one of these forever, they look so fun!

What are some things that you want to do this summer? Have you done any of the above/do you have any recommendations?! Comment below!

The Lipstick I Recommend to Everybody

The Lipstick I Recommend to Everybody

Love lipstick but hate needing to reapply throughout the day? Bold colours that bleed and fade? I’ve experienced all of that, and it turned me away from lipstick. I would do a full face of makeup, and leave my lip natural, all the time. Now, when I put on makeup, I feel naked without a lipstick. That is all thanks to Stila and their Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick.

Did I mention they come in creamy matte colours? They give full coverage and stay in place forever! Stila claims the product stays in place for 6 hours without bleeding or transferring. I notice a slight transfer when I wear it, but not enough to be disappointed. I do notice that it lasts for 6 hours, if I eat and drink however, I need to reapply a slight amount– but that is more so to refresh my look.


I have tried the following colours:




Caramellomy FAVOURITE nude colour!



So far, I have not ever been disappointed with this lipstick! I do recommend however before using it, use a sugar scrub on your lips to exfoliate so the lipstick goes on nice and smoothly! I use LUSH BUBBLEGUM lip scrub, leaves my lips feeling soft and smooth every single time—and it tastes really good which is a nice bonus.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced lipstick that lasts all day, try out the Stay All Day Lipstick! Did I mention they are cruelty-free?!! I tell everybody to try it out, such a great product!

So…We Adopted a Dog

So…We Adopted a Dog

About a year ago, my mom and I went on a vacation to California with my boyfriend Josh to visit his family. We had to put our dog in a place that does overnight boarding. But, we seriously treat our dog better than we treat most people, so before we just placed him anywhere, we searched around for somewhere we felt would be safe and fun for our dog Dallas to play for a week. Yes, we’d never left him before and we decided to put him in camp for a week– I felt terrible. I actually cried, real tears (which the staff of the wonderful Camp Cookstown assured me is very common).

SO ANYWAYS, Dallas went to camp. He played with an upwards of 30 or 40 dogs, every single day for a week. He loved it. He came back, had whats called a “camp hangover” — which consisted of a lot of sleep and very little movement. We noticed that he seemed a little different after camp, almost like he craved and missed all of the socialization. So, we pondered the idea of adopting a dog afterwards.

The idea of adopting a dog was overwhelming at first. I hated it. We had got Dallas from a breeder, and I love him to pieces so I do not regret it. However, the second time around I thought it would be nice to adopt a dog who needs a home, and who is a little bit older (like 2 years), so we didn’t have to go through all of the initial puppy training. I thought adopting would be easy. It was the farthest thing from it. I was having a hard time finding a dog that would suit our family, and when I would think we would suit a certain dog, adoption agencies would tell us otherwise. It was very discouraging, and we left it.

Then one Monday morning, I was sipping my coffee, scrolling through Facebook, and saw a picture of this sweet little Chihuahua-mix who was 2.5 years old and looking for a home. My dog Dallas is 5 years old and 95 lbs. Otter (now Rico), is 7.5 lbs., the size difference is hysterical. I tagged my mom in the Facebook post of Adoptable Dogs/Pups Finding Them Homes-  James Bay Pawsitive Rescue, she commented “go for it”, I filled out the application form, and same day we had a in home inspection. I was terrified for an in-home inspection, because even though we are very clean people– we didn’t know what to expect. But, it went very well. After the in home visit, we scheduled a “meet and greet” for Dallas to meet Rico, and it went well. We went forward in going through with the adoption.

I filled out the adoption form on Monday, we had Rico sleeping peacefully in his crate by Friday. I know this doesn’t always happen for people, and that we were lucky. However, I am so grateful for this dog. He is sweet, and he has been fun to train. It is so interesting seeing him and Dallas run around the house. I was apprehensive and sad at first because they didn’t get along right away– I felt like we had just ruined Dallas’s life (I often tend to over exaggerate things). But, a few days later and they were both initiating play with one another, it made my heart full.

Now, we just have to work on how he barks at every single dog that passes by– he thinks he’s a lot bigger than he is. As for Dallas, he’s adjusting very well to having a new addition in the house, even if they are no where near close in size. It is so amazing to me to see how gentle Dallas is around Rico when they play.

This was probably one of the best spontaneous decisions our family has made.

I have an Instagram created for Dallas and Rico- @dallasandrico if you want to check out some of their adventures! I will try and keep up to date with how Rico adjusts to the house! It is quite an adventure.

My Latest New Gadget!

My Latest New Gadget!

Hey guys!

So the other day I headed over to Chapters, which is my absolute favourite thing to do when I have some time to kill. Grab a coffee, walk around and look at books, fun home decor… you get the deal. They had some marketing scheme going on that I totally fell for, and have absolutely no regrets whatsoever. Basically, if I bought a greeting card (for Mother’s Day), and presented this “secret pull card” I could end up winning between 5%-100% of my purchase. So, naturally the shopaholic in me needed to purchase anything she wanted to that would normally never discount. Why? Well, because of course there was that small chance I could win. $180 later, and 5% off. Haha, I’m a sucker for that stuff.

Anyways, side tracked a little, but now you have some background knowledge. Mother’s day was coming up, and I could have gone with my normal flowers, wine, a card and maybe some fashion accessory like a bag or sunglasses. But, this year, I decided to move to something a little more “techy”. My mom is notorious for not being able to find her phone or keys, or anything for that matter (I say that with lots of love if you are reading this). So I checked out this lovely little gadget online a few weeks back called TileMate. I thought it was cool, and also thought it was something you could only exclusively order online…so I did whatever the online version of window shopping is called, and forgot about it. THEN, I saw Chapter’s carried them. So, because of this marketing scheme at Chapter’s, I spent the $89.99 on a pack of 4, even though I wasn’t sure they would hold the value. But, like I said previously, no regrets.

I can assure you, TileMate is 110% worth the value if you can never find your phone or keys in the house. So, heres how it works. You open the cute little box that it comes in. You turn your bluetooth on, on your phone. Download the Tile App in your app store. Make an account. Follow the instructions to pair. Put your tiles on anything you want! *** If you want to attach a tile to a computer/tv remote or something, purchase the adhesive strips on the website *** I put mine on my keys. So, when I cant find my keys, I open the app, press a button, and they ring! Easy peasy, and I’m not stressed, swearing and blaming everybody in the house. Same thing goes for my phone. If I cant find my phone, I press on the Tile attached to my keys, and my phone rings– even if its on silent! Loud enough that I can hear it in another room.

This thing seriously sells itself. I did not know about them for the longest time or else I would have purchased one sooner. My mom is OBSESSED with hers, she shows everybody, and so do I. At work, I demonstrate it to customers all the time! (I work in the telecommunications industry, so I’ll bring up cool apps that I use with customers). I am not being paid to tell people about this awesome product, but its something I truly think is cool!

Online, you can purchase single tiles if you dont feel like you need 4. I admit, for my mom 4 was a lot, so luckily I scored one– thanks mom!

These seriously make great gifts for people, and are a great little gadget for yourself!

Check out their website below: